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Curators of the Vines

Stewards of the Land

Champions of the People

Growing Premium Winegrapes
for Award Winning Wines Since 1974

Valley Farm Management is a full-service vineyard management company. We specialize in growing and harvesting premium-quality fruit in the Santa Lucia Highlands and other AVAs in and around Monterey County.

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Wine is Your Business.
Growing the Perfect Winegrapes is Ours.

Over three generations, we’ve built a reputation for reliably delivering sustainably-grown and skillfully-managed harvests for renowned wineries all over the world. Grown on our land or yours, the results are the same—premium grapes and unsurpassed value.

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Your Land and Vines—Our Experience and Passion

We manage your vineyards as if they’re our own. Our expert vineyard management practices, honed over nearly five decades, will protect your investment in land and vines, improve the quality of your fruit, and enhance the character of your wines.

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Our Land and Vines—Exclusively Contracted to You

Rather than competing in the spot market, the best way to ensure you have the quality and quantity of winegrapes needed is to secure them from dedicated vines. Ours are well-established, fully-producing and have been meticulously cared for.

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Taking Care of the Vines and People
—The Most Essential Responsibility

As caretakers of your grapes, nothing is more important than taking care of our team and their families. Our people are happy, healthy and many have been with us for decades. What that means for you is production of the highest quality grapes with unparalleled consistency.

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Partner with Valley Farm Management

While we don’t make or sell wine commercially today, for 30 years Smith Family Wines produced award-winning SLH wines. This means, from viticulture to three-tiered distribution, soil to software, planting to bottling, we know every aspect of the winery business. Every winery’s goals are different, so we create and implement a unique vineyard management plan for you. Our goal is a long-term partnership built on collaboration and trust. We succeed when you do.

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Benefit from our experienced, full-service vineyard management team. For nearly five decades our talented growers, harvesters, enologists and viticulturists have perfected the winegrape growing and winemaking process from root to bottle. We’ll help you produce better wine—and profits.

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When it comes to winegrapes, “good enough” doesn’t even come close. Our focus is long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. That requires impeccable quality over time, which is why we treat your grapes, your land, and your goals as if they were our own.

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To us, sustainability means investing in the resources that make it possible to reliably and efficiently grow the best grapes in the world—over the long term. We take care of people, vines and land by focusing on their health.