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Taking Care of Our Lands,
Vines and People

At Valley Farm Management, sustainability is not a trend or a slogan, it’s our way of life—and has been since the beginning. Vineyards produce for decades, making sustainability a natural priority and economic necessity. We see it as our responsibility to be sustainability leaders. We helped develop the rules for sustainability (SIP) that have made our industry, and our region, better stewards of the land.

For almost five decades, we’ve focused on soil health, water and air quality, energy conservation, and social and economic responsibility. Our practices have been Sustainability Certified compliant for decades and we continue to support 3rd party certification for our partners. You can learn more about certification here.

We installed a solar farm on our home estate vineyard in 2013. Now we produce our own power, and even distribute our excess capacity. Our additional sustainability practices include:

  • Agriculture education
  • Alternative power sources
  • Co-created industry’s sustainability guidelines
  • Employee housing advocacy
  • Employee wellness
  • Future water planning
  • Groundwater sustainability practices
  • Occupational diversity efforts
  • Regional dam safety and maintenance
  • Water conservation practices


The Global Standard Recognizing Vineyard Sustainability

Today more than ever, consumers and retailers choose to do business with responsible companies that demonstrate care for people and our planet. It’s why the demand for certified sustainable wine grapes and wines is at an all-time high and growing.

Since 2008, SIP Certification has recognized growers and winemakers who protect the environment, care for their employees, uplift their communities, and do business with a view toward the future. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that our sustainable practices are SIP Certified compliant and also certified by LODI RULES and California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

If you’re looking for sustainable grapes, or need help in managing your own, Valley Farm Management is here to help. We’re honored to be recognized for our “outstanding social, environmental and economic farming practices,” and we’d be equally honored to put them into practice for you.

Green Medal Award

Our Green Medal Practices Produce Gold Medal Wines

The California Green Medal Awards recognize vineyards and wineries who are industry leaders in the “three E’s” of sustainability: environment, economic, and social equity.

Valley Farm Management is grateful to have been honored with the 2019 Green Medal for “using the most innovative practices that enhance relations with employees, neighbors and communities”.

Additionally, Paraiso Vineyard was awarded Vineyard of the Year at the 2018 California State Fair.

Employee Wellness

Growing Our People to Grow Better Grapes

Kacy Smith | Wellness Director

Fostering an environment where employees can grow and flourish is as important as nurturing grapes.

We offer a full spectrum of employee benefits that keep our people happy and healthy, including a companywide wellness program including physical and mental health. Other wellness benefits include:

  • Chef-led healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Distribution of good health guides
  • Annual Family Appreciation Day & 3K Mud Run
  • Exercise equipment available onsite
  • Exercise equipment training
  • Flu shot clinics for employees and families
  • Monthly Family Fitness Days
  • Preventative biometric screening
  • Employee diabetes education
  • Quarterly health literacy workshops
  • Recruitment of bilingual healthcare professionals for staff health training
  • Weekly exercise and healthy eating challenges
  • Weekly healthy living education, including cholesterol, diabetes, and blood-pressure awareness